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Blackbird Guitars is the maker of acoustic and electric guitars in the UAE. Shop signature models designed to last a lifetime on our online guitar store. Jam out with stratocaster guitars, telecaster guitars and les paul guitars available exclusively online for sale in the UAE and worldwide.   

Grote Guitar Collection

The Grote collection showcases bold guitar design with eclectic colors and stylish cutaways. Our Grote guitars are durable and comfortable to handle. 

Auriga Guitar Collection

Unveiling the Auriga collection, the masterpieces of guitar craftsmanship with classic design features and colors inspired by wood tones. 

Crafting Soundscapes, Defying Norms

Grote Collection

Dive into a world where sonic boundaries dissolve, courtesy of Black Bird's cutting-edge pickups, hand-selected tone woods, and bold finishes.

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Where Elegance Meets Sonic Mastery

Auriga Collection

A stunning electric guitar collection that seamlessly merges cutting-edge design with exceptional sonic prowess.

About Us

Blackbird Guitars

- The Better Way to Make Music

Blackbird Guitars are the icons of the art of creating music. Our intricately crafted guitars produce impeccable tones with stellar sound. Every single one of our guitars is designed with high quality solid wood and hardware, allowing you to create with soul and perform with precision. 

Our signature collection features top-notch instruments that are inspired by the legends of music! Our guitars are designed with smooth contours, sleek cutaways and decorated with stylish colors and patterns. Whether you prefer to strum along to melodic tunes or shred to heavy metal, Blackbird guitars are great music-making companions! From the choice of wood to the neck and body design to the choice of hardware, Blackbird Guitars surpass all others in terms of quality and attention to detail.

We Guarantee

Top Quality

Our commitment to quality is evident in every curve, string and tune. Blackbird Guitars promises uncompromising quality and design. 

Unique Design

Our designs combine inspiration from iconic guitars of the past and cutting-edge, timeless designs you won’t find elsewhere!

Quick Delivery

When you place an order with us, we make sure that we get your new guitar in your hands in no time! Shop our guitars and enjoy quick delivery in the UAE. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets Blackbird Guitars apart from other brands?

Blackbird Guitars is known for meticulous craftsmanship and eye-catching designs. We use high-quality solid wood and hardware in every guitar, ensuring optimal performance and a smooth playing experience.

Do you sell both acoustic and electric guitars?

Yes, we sell a wide selection of acoustic and electric guitars to cater to different musical preferences. Our acoustic guitars feature steel strings for a deep, bright sound, while our electric guitars deliver versatility, making them suitable for various genres. 

Can I purchase Blackbird Guitars online?

You can conveniently shop for both acoustic and electric guitars online on our website. 

Do you offer free delivery on guitar purchases?

Yes, we offer free delivery on orders above AED 500. For international orders, shipping rates vary based on the destination. Please contact our team for estimates on delivery charges. 

Are your guitars suitable for beginner guitar players?

Yes, our guitars are perfect for musicians of all skill levels. Both beginners and seasoned musicians can enjoy the quality and experience of playing Blackbird guitars.