Electric Guitar

The Eagle

Model Number: GTWT 01

Guitar Model : Humbucker
AED 1,550.00
Size Of Guitar : Headless

The Eagle is a headless electric guitar and the dream of every rock and roll fan! This one-of-a-kind guitar features HH pickups, a bold patterned design and is available in blue and grey. 

The body of the Eagle is constructed from Mahogany and burl wood whereas the neck is made from Maple. With bolt-on construction and an unforgettable design, this electric guitar represents the heights of musical artistry. 

Like the Eagle that emits that signature high-pitched call as it glides across the sky, this guitar shines when it comes to sound production and is a versatile instrument for the passionate guitarist. 

Sound Samples
Guitar details

Body Material: Mahogany/Burl wood
Neck Material: Maple 5P
Construction : bolt-on
Fingerboard : HPL
Scale length : 648 mm
Frets : 24F
Controls : 1 V1T, 3way Toggle S/W
Pickup : HH
Hardware : BK
Color : Blue, Grey
Vendor: GROTE

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