The Auriga Collection 

Auriga Guitars are the representation of true avian inspiration. These guitars are designed to reflect the colors of nature, with sleek bodies crafted from quality wood and durable hardware. Every single piece in this collection is the result of quality craftsmanship. 

Why Choose Blackbird’s Auriga Guitars?   

Design Philosophy

The Auriga Collection can be summed up by the phrase “true to nature”. The design philosophy behind this collection is inspired by songbirds like the Golden Oriole, petite passerines like Red-Winged Blackbirds and majestic coastal creatures like the Great Egrets.  


The Auriga Collection features both acoustic and electric guitars in various designs and pickups. From classic models like the Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars to design elements like cutaways, our guitars are inspired by years of guitar artistry and innovation. 


Guitars in the Auriga Collection come in a range of exciting nature-inspired colors, corresponding to the colors of the plumage of their namesake birds. In this collection, you will find natural wood tones, metallic finishes and solid colors in complementary and contrasting designs.


Guitars from the Auriga Collection are constructed from woods like Alder, Canadian Maple and Rosewood. The choice of wood in our guitars is dependent on the quality of sound, the durability and the aesthetics we want to achieve. Whether you pick solid wood bodies or hollow bodied acoustic guitars, you can rely on our quality construction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Auriga Collection have both acoustic and electric guitars?

You will find both acoustic and electric guitars in the Auriga Collection. From stratocasters to telecasters and dreadnought guitars, you will be able to find the models you are looking for within this collection.    

Can I purchase Blackbird Guitars online in the UAE?

Yes, all our guitars, including the ones that are in our Auriga Collection are available for purchase in the UAE. Shop your favorite electric guitars and acoustic guitars in Dubai and in the UAE with fast and free shipping. 

Does Blackbird’s online guitar store in Dubai sell stratocaster and telecaster guitars?  

At Blackbird Guitars, you will be able to find a wide range of guitars online including models like the famed stratocaster and telecaster guitars! If you are looking for a reliable guitar shop that sells authentic, high quality musical instruments, then Blackbird Guitars is for you!

How can I order guitars from your website?  

Ordering guitars from Blackbird Guitars is simple. Simply visitwww.blackbird-guitars.comand navigate to one of our product pages. From the product page, select your desired guitar model, select the quantity and add the item(s) to the cart. From the cart, proceed to checkout and make your purchase.

Where makes Blackbird Guitars one of the best guitar stores in Dubai? 

At Blackbird Guitars, we offer high quality guitars for sale in Dubai. Our guitars are made from the finest wood and designed to produce the best possible sound. We also have one of the greatest collections of electric guitars and acoustic guitars available in the UAE.