Eelctric Guitar

The Golden Oriole

Model Number: AURIGA A-300DX

Guitar Model : Stratocaster
AED 0.00
By Auriga
Size Of Guitar : 4/4

The Golden Oriole is a stunning stratocaster electric guitar and a guitar lover’s dream come true. With an elegant double-cut design and a solid body, The Golden Oriole comes with a SSS pickup, allowing you to play clear sounds with ease. 

Crafted from the finest Alder for the body and a seamless one-piece Maple neck, the Golden Oriole Guitar promises a melodic journey akin to the bird's enchanting song. 

The metallic gold hue, reminiscent of the Oriole's vibrant plumage, transforms this instrument into a visual spectacle, catching the light and commanding attention with every note played.

As the Oriole's song weaves through the treetops, the Golden Oriole Guitar resonates with a clarity and warmth that captivates both the player and the audience. The Alder body ensures a balanced and resonant tone, while the one-piece Maple neck provides a smooth playing experience, inviting your fingers to dance across the fretboard effortlessly.

Sound Samples
Guitar details

Body Material: Alder
Neck Material: One piece maple
Construction : Bolt-on
Fingerboard : Maple
Scale length : 25.5”
Frets : 21 frets
Controls : 2T 1V
Pickup : Custom Alnico V SSS
Hardware : Gold
Color : Deluxe metallic gold
Vendor: Auriga

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