Learning to play guitar is a great choice and one that offers endless opportunities and possibilities! Whether you have dreams of one day playing on stage or just want to pick up a new hobby, the guitar is a simple yet versatile instrument that will give you years and years of pure enjoyment! 

Learning to play guitar can sometimes be a challenge for absolute beginners. Our beginner’s guide is a helpful resource for those who need a brief introduction to the key learning areas that a beginner guitar player will come across. So, before you pick up your first guitar, read through our simple beginner’s guide and stay tuned because at the end of this article, you will also discover some of the best beginner’s guitars available for purchase in the UAE! 

Tips for Beginner Guitar Players 


Technique is a crucial area that beginners must master in order to make great music! There’s lots to learn for a beginner but with practice, all of this will become second nature! Technique can include a wide range of skills like how to fret a note, various picking techniques, palm muting, vibrato, hammer-ons and pull-offs and so much more! By mastering different techniques, you’ll be able to make some incredible music in no time! 

Learning Chords 

Learning how to play chords is something that every beginner looks forward to! Chord charts are a great tool for beginners as they clearly demonstrate finger positioning and help learners visualize the strings and frets, allowing you to play your first chords with ease! Some simple chords for beginners to play are C Major, D Major, G Major and E Minor. 


Strumming is a key guitar skill and one that has great pay-off if learned properly! For starters, learn to strum from your wrist but don’t keep it too rigid. Relax and keep a flexible wrist, this will save you a lot of potential pain and discomfort.

Practice by Playing Songs 

The ultimate goal of practicing proper fretting, chords and technique is to be able to play your favorite songs! Although practicing a single chord on its own is helpful, it can be fun to change things up by attempting to play it in one of your favorite songs! This will keep your practice sessions enjoyable and allow you to challenge yourself. 

Consistent Practice 

Nothing will improve your skills more than consistent practice. Aim for consistent practice daily rather than sporadic 6 hour practice sessions every few weeks. Build the discipline to show up for guitar practice everyday and over time, you will be able to see the fruit of your labors. 

Can You Learn to Play Guitar on Your Own?

We’ve all heard of self-taught guitar players, some of them legendary musicians like Jimi Hendrix and David Bowie! So it's most certainly possible to learn the instrument on your own if that's what you’d like! Formal one-on-one classes are also a great way to learn to play guitar and the choice is up to you whether you’d like an instructor to guide your journey or you’d like to brave it alone. Just know that even if you decide to teach yourself, there are lots of free resources and tutorial videos available online for your perusal. 

Finding the Perfect Guitar for Beginners

The perfect beginner’s guitar is not one specific model! In our opinion, it is a guitar that is not too expensive, well-made and comfortable to play. Read our Beginner’s Guide to Buying Your First Guitar to know more about the process of choosing and buying your very first guitar! We go through everything from choosing the type of guitar to assessing build quality and also provide a brief introduction to the guitar accessories you might need for each type of guitar. 

The Best Electric Guitar for Beginners: 

The Cardinal 


The Cardinal is a stand-out piece from our Grote collection. This is an SG electric guitar with a solid 4/4 body and asymmetric double cutaways. The quality construction, body design and price range make this electric guitar ideal for beginners!

The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners:

The Swift 

The Best Acoustic Guitar for Beginners:

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April 23, 2024 — Fadi Hijazi